Commercial Asbestos Management Surveys – What Are They?

If you are a prospective buyer of a commercial property, an owner or are the manager or tenant of the commercial property, you should read this.

For anyone of the above, it is their responsibility to be aware of and to manage the risk of, any asbestos materials that may be present at the property. Gaining a comprehensive picture of a property and its asbestos risk is no simple matter. After all, if you don’t know what the asbestos risk is then how can you possibly manage it?

The control of asbestos regulations published in 2012 set out the responsibilities of commercial property owners, buyers is landlords or tenants. These regulations are in place to ensure that occupants of the commercial property are not exposed to serious risk. Building asbestos in poor condition can offer a serious threat to health. On the other hand, asbestos that is in good condition, undisturbed, unbroken et cetera can be managed. How do you find out? Can you do it yourself?

In late 1999 the United Kingdom banned the presence of asbestos in buildings. It, therefore, follows that if your property was built after the year 2000 it is highly likely it will contain no threatening material. However, for several hundred years prior to 2000 asbestos was commonly used and therefore if your property is an older one and the presence of asbestos is extremely likely.

To understand whether management is required and what the risk is, it’s necessary to commission an asbestos management survey.

This survey, conducted by professional consultants, is designed to identify the degree of risk from asbestos in any commercial building. The more complex the building, the more complicated the survey will need to be. Therefore, companies that offer commercial asbestos management surveys are the best option to get a handle on your risk.

The survey will identify the presence of any asbestos in your environment, the condition of the material and whether that is deteriorating. It will also identify whether any material could be accidentally disturbed by the building occupants or machinery etc.

when complete, the survey will produce a risk register and a series of recommendations if needed. These will allow the individual responsible for the building to take the necessary action to manage the situation. The building may require remedial work, or it may be a matter of process management and staff awareness.

So, if your building was constructed before the year 2000, get in touch with a professional asbestos survey assessor and understand the level of risk you may have as soon as you can.

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