Can Do It Yourself Asbestos Testing Kits Give Good Results?

Discarded Asbestos TilesIn the United Kingdom, buildings constructed before the year 2000 have a very high chance of containing asbestos. Asbestos can be extremely dangerous under certain conditions and can pose a serious health risk to human beings. It is therefore vital that those responsible for a commercial building are aware of the risk and have taken precautions to remedy it.

Older buildings can contain many forms of asbestos. For example, certain types of cement, gaskets, roofing, flooring and in certain types of paint (to name a few). Identifying these materials and assessing their risk is a very specialised skill. Some individuals responsible for commercial premises are seeking to use DIY testing kits to help them evaluate the risk. The question is, are these kits reliable?

The answer is to a limited extent, they can be useful. However, these kits are designed to help you detect the presence of asbestos fibre in your building. This they can do but remember that asbestos can be hidden in a wide range of materials so if you discover asbestos in one area using your kit how many other areas might there be? Consider also what you need to do, having discovered the presence of asbestos! You can’t be certain that with a DIY kit you’ve identified every source, nor can you test adequately to ensure you fully understand the risk. Bear in mind also that there is a certain risk to yourself in using these kits as professionals look for asbestos with a full range of equipment and specialist clothing.

When all is said and done. What is the point of doing a little with the kit when you only have to ultimately have a professional assessment made? This is because only a professional assessment is considered to legally evaluate the level of risk involved. On top of that, as noted earlier, there is some risk to the individual carrying out the test. Do you want that to be you?

So, our advice is to bypass any DIY solution for asbestos testing and go straight to the professionals, for a survey and production of an Asbestos Register for your business. Also, there will be greater expense involved the results will be legally acceptable, professionally arrived at and based on laboratory testing. It makes complete sense to hire in the expertise you need so don’t waste time trying to go the whole hog on your own.

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