What In The UK Is An Asbestos Register

Asbestos Dust Hazard Taped offAsbestos saw a total ban in the UK in 1999 and remains the single most widespread cause of work-related deaths in the UK, however, acts of demolition and refurbishing still continue to be affected by asbestos. An asbestos register is a document that lists all identified asbestos material around the workplace. The person tasked with the maintenance and control of the workplace should be the one to ensure that an asbestos register is prepared and kept safely at the place of work – at times no asbestos is likely to be present at the workplace and should also be in charge of preparing a management plan to see how the risks concerning these materials will be taken into account.

An asbestos survey is the means used for information gathering for an asbestos register. It provides accurate information on the location, type and present condition of any asbestos-containing material. These findings are then documented in a survey report the result of which can now be used to prepare an asbestos register. An asbestos register basically should contain some necessary information about the material such as where and what it is, how much of it there is, whether it has a coating covering its surface, what condition it is in, how easy it is to access, the material’s score, priority sore and the type of asbestos itself that the material is made of and any other necessary comments pertaining to the asbestos material.

This register should be subjected to regular updates every once in a while preferably over a yearly period to keep it up to date with its crucial data and it must be readily available at any one time to those responsible for the maintenance works around the commercial premise or any related work so necessary consultations can be made to it before authorization of beginning of work process. This asbestos register can be kept either in paper or electronic record form, whichever is easiest accessible. In its simplest form, the asbestos register is kept ass an excel spreadsheet with data extracted from different surveys all of which would need to be assessed for their suitability. A UK based company Eurosafe UK provides this information to interested clients by hosting all legally require data on one of UK’s most used risk management product, Cloud UK’s Ultimate Manager which ensures contractors can access this information any time of day or night and is password protected for security and provides auditable trail to show when the contractors access the data required.

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